The Titbounce is the most revered and best Gumball fanfiction to ever grace the internet. That's not an opinion or up for debate-- It is objective fact.


The Titbounce is a vital part of Gumball Wiki lore. Legend has it that one day during an edit raid on the Gumball Fanon Wiki, a user by the name of Klonoamiyumi bestowed upon the Wiki a godly fanfiction. The admins were so envious of it being it the ultimate fanfiction, that knowing of such great power capable of deterring anyone from needing to use the WIki again- they cast it into the void, but not all was lost--- for one of the admins risked jeaopradizing their permission in order to bring that which had fallen back. They procured it, anduploaded it to , where it took refuge, and was safe from harm's way.

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