The Schoolyard is a place seen in the backyard of Sonic's Schoolhouse, and it requires a Pepsi to enter the yard. It is advised that JC will never enter.

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The door to it, taken from the sex educational game "Sonic's Sexhouse".


Legends have it The Schoolyard is where the memers with their pepsis and say Same a bunch. Not much is known about The Schoolyard apart from this.

Trivia Edit

  • There is another schoolyard that requires a pass in one of the classrooms, although this is easier to get to, that schoolyard is shit.
  • On September 30, 2016, Shadow the Hedgehog shot Schoolhouse Sonic and entered the schoolyard without a Pepsi™. 20 minutes after, he was arrested and sent to the Fungeon for 2 hours (XD)..
  • AaditS once asked Dyno, A bot from Discord to give him Pepsi to enter this location. (see below image for info)
    Shadow Discovers the Schoolyard

    Shadow Discovers the Schoolyard

    Aad asks Bot for PEPSI