So Obscure It's Criminal is a statement someone declares when a soundtrack (typically composed by Tim and Geoff Follin) is underrated, and underappreciated. But it's a good soundtrack! How can you not like it!? Russ agrees!


Those who think something is so obscure, it's criminal will often show very concerning warning signs leading up to the event. For example, if it's composed by Tim and Geoff Follin, you've already lost. You can not save this person from inevitably declaring that it's So Obscure It's Criminal. If it's by Rob Hubbard or Alberto Gonzalez, then you have a fighting chance.

The early use of this meme included all caps (which is the title of this page)


If a person fails to acknowledge that the soundtrack is So Obscure It's Criminal, they will then proceed to constantly tell you otherwise via exclamation points. If you do not act quickly enough, you will have lost this person to the dark side known as "VGM of the Day" and until you acknowledge the fact it's So Obscure It's Criminal, then you're donezo for eternity and suffer, like Noah's boxers.

The worst effect of this is in the early use of "VGM of the day" Star kept persisting users about it to the point they got annoyed, which is NOT how you make someone listen to something you like.