Jelly Otter

An example of the troll spamming in the chat

Jelly Otter is a "meme" that was created when a recent troll attack came about. The troll uses it to spam and flood the chat.

"JELLY OTTER IS SEXY!" is a phrase uttered by Jelly Otter themselves. They have no life and come to the Gumball Wikia chat when they feel like they can't stoop any lower in how little they are worth. Thinking a purple mammal is attractive out of irony has got to be the gheyist thing I've ever heard of. They are very annoying, And also get more sneakier time to time, Sometimes these idiots can be identified by: Usually no profile picture, Rude usernames and also usernames usually containing words "Jelly" or "Otter". This no-life has also been seen at the Steven Universe Wikia chat, doing the same stuff as the Gumball Wikia chat.

For a long time this troll was gone, But on some point on March 2017 it returned.

Then it started invading the discord on March 20, 2017.

Now it invades the Gumball Fanon Randomness Wiki too.