This is a meme uttered when you're feeling particular spooky.


This meme gets uttered when the user is feeling ignored but the other users in chat. It is worth noting that the user is not required to actually be ignored in order to utter this meme.


This meme originated with user Ughthebooger. It got repeated such that it ended up being mimicked by the other users in chat to get enjoyment out of this phrase.


The phrase had multiple steps to its downfall. For starters Moderator Csillagfény developed the practice of punishing Ughthebooger outright whenever he said it because it was that fucking annoying. Eventually there was a new rule to target attention-whoring practices in general which put the nail in this meme's coffin.

Other Variations

  • "I'm being ignored"
  • "I feel ignored"
  • "It's like I'm invisible"

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