Aadit 2 hours edit
2 hours is a meme that started when user Elebizzyboi first used it. Gameuser10 also once banned Boopuffyboo from the chat for 2 hours.
2 hours bot

When you ask a Discord bot to say which is better: 2 hours, or 5 hours, it clearly picks the dominating amount of hours. 2 hours is so good [like Elebizzyboi], even bots recognize the sheer power of 2 hours! That is stunning!

AaditS has also gotten a screencap of Mario making an edit on the Anais article, 2 HOURS AGO!

Mario Anaisedit 2HOURS

Mario has also gotten a screencap of Aadit editing a fanon page on the fanon wiki, 2 HOURS AGO!

Aadit 2 hours edit