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• 10/15/2016

Mind Changed (Kill Noah's Rebel wiki)

Well, this is a reply on the Page Unrelation Discussion discussion, I decided that this wiki should be (offically) about Gumball Wiki Memes, and I will redelete The Shell 2 page since it's not related. So recently a rebel wiki basically called The Gumball Wikia Memes Wiki was created by Noah (Csillagfeny) because this wiki started getting unrelevent pages and I just learned my mistake, and that's why I'm gonna attempt to get this wiki to what it needed to have from the beginning, and the new wiki? I'm sorry Noah, but i'm gonna attempt to have that wiki die off because this one was first and I feel jelous sorta. So ignore the previous discussion, what that one says is just unhealthy for the future of the wiki, and lets start again. 

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• 10/28/2016
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